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About Aberdeen Group

Aberdeen Holdings are proud of being a private, family owned group of business with a strong code of ethics that revolve around integrity, transparency and personal service.

Our group board members include the founding brothers Sattar, Farook and Shafik Kassim, their children and senior industry figures who have a wealth of knowledge in their relevant fields of expertise.

Our combined experience and expertise makes us industry leaders, as demonstrated by our list of blue chip clients. And every company within the Group is committed to the founders’ ethos of excellence which is never compromised.

Our Mission is to make our stakeholders successful
Your success is our success. We couldn’t do it without you so we work hard to build a strong working relationship with all our customers, stakeholders and suppliers.

You can rely on us for top quality products, and our friendly and dedicated workforce are committed to delivering an excellent customer service.

We take our corporate responsibilities seriously and we are committed to being ethical and honest in our dealings with our customers, our suppliers and our employees.

The Aberdeen Group’s businesses span the globe – from airlines and health products to Islamic travel and real estate services – and we abide by our founders’ ethos of honor, transparency and responsibility in every transaction and in every service we provide – in every business, every day.

We understand that the way we do business affects our world.
Our approach to our responsibility is divided into three areas:

  • Our customers and suppliers
  • Our workforce
  • Our community
At Aberdeen Group we are successful because of our customers and suppliers

We believe in teamwork and long-term relationships. We also believe in transparency and honor in our dealings. This combination has not only resulted in helping us provide excellent services, but also earn loyal customers and suppliers who remain the cornerstone of our success.

At Aberdeen Group we work as a team delivering you with quality goods and services

We see our workforce as our greatest asset and are proud of them. We rely on them to keep you happy. In return, we take time and effort to invest in their wellbeing by:

• Maintaining a happy, healthy work environment
• Making sure their voice is heard
• Conducting in-house and external training
• Providing opportunities for advancement
• Ensuring a safe workplace

We are committed to building partnerships within the communities where we work

We support a number of community and charitable projects throughout the world, including health initiatives and poverty alleviation programs, uplifting lives through small and large actions.

We also believe in the power of education and are involved in scholarship programs to educate young people at every level, from basic education to university, in many of the communities where we work.

Corporate Address

# 300 R.A.De Mel Mawatha Colombo 03 Sri Lanka
Telephone : +94112301335
Fax : +94112301336

Registered Office : 11 A Mile Post Avenue Colombo 03, Sri Lanka